Affiliate Policy

  • All commissions earned due to 15th will be counted for the upcoming payment.
  • Minimum commission amount to be paid out is USD 100.
  • You can only make withdrawal request after 2 months from the time you make commission of at least USD 100. We need to verify that payments are not reversed.
  • Payments are issued on 1st of every month (except when 1st falls on a weekend or public holiday in which case it is issued on the next business day) for all commissions earned due to 15th of the last month.
  • Orders are manually reviewed. Fraud orders, cancelled order, refunded orders will not generate commissions.
  • Orders must be leaded from your websites in order to be counted. We periodically check your websites if we do not see our affiliate links appears on your website we have full rights to reject your commissions.
  • In case you do not put our affiliate links on your site but send the link to your customers, it does not count either.